My Approach

Nutritional therapy is a 'therapeutic approach' which helps to find the underlying root problem and therefore optimise nutrients to support body’s balance.

As we age our body needs even greater nutritional support to prevent any future ailments. By studying nutrition, I opened the doors to my nutritional understanding which is invaluable not only for my health but the health of my closest family and other family members.

Understanding the function and health of our gastro-intestinal tract is really important in supporting our general health. There is certainly the truth in saying that: ‘our gut is our second brain.’

My passion lies in understanding each individual's gut health and the connection with certain medical conditions. I approach each person individually, because our gut health is personal to us and not 2 people have the same population of intestinal bacteria, stomach acid, enzymes etc. There are many alterations to our microbiome caused by our modern lifestyle (diet, stress, excessive hygiene, antibiotics) and all these may be responsible for many chronic diseases.

"The gut is where it all starts. Cells in our gut talk to the rest of our body and if they pass the wrong chemical messages our bodies won't be well balanced and symptoms may develop. If the gut is not right, nothing will be right because all our systems are influenced by the gut"

I use testing to assess the GIT tract so that each client can see for themselves what’s happening on the inside of their body and what may be the connection with presenting symptoms. This is essential in getting to the root of the problem.

The tests are run by well known and reliable private companies which can provide specific tests tailored to each individual. Testing provides us with the information we need to assess what needs attention in order to bring the body back into balance.

Functional testing provides us with good base line how our body works.

Testing parameters include:

• Gastrointestinal functioning
• Adrenal function
• Thyroid function
• Allergies and intolerance
• Nutrient levels – blood
• Toxic element levels
• Sex hormone balance
• Neurotransmitter balance
• Amino acid balance
• Mitochondrial function
• Organic acids
• Metabolic profiling and energy production
• Candida tests
• Homocysteine levels
• Antibody testing

The testing companies I work with include: Genova, Regenerus, Medichecks, CNS.

The relationship between complimentary/nutritional therapy and conventional medicine:

I feel there should be a strong relationship between complimentary/nutritional and conventional medicine. Both approaches should ‘go hand in hand’ when supporting people and their medical and personal issues. Conventional medicine has made huge steps in research which has enabled us to understand diseases, and their impact on our bodies. Medicine can often diagnose people’s issues quickly and take necessary steps. However, potentially there may be problems arising. Some people might have the idea that they just need to take a pill for a condition and everything will be fine, ‘the pill for ill’ approach’ may not always work.

The allopathic approach may be focused on addressing and suppressing the presenting symptoms. A nutritional approach puts the focus on where the root cause of the problem is, looking at the whole person, not only the presenting problems.

What you eat changes your biology. Medics and the general public are becoming more and more aware of the importance of what we are eating & drinking. A good diet may override genetic tendencies.

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