Consultation Process & Prices

How it’s structured

  1. Prior to your initial consultation, it would help me if you could complete a health questionnaire and 3 day food diary to give me some indication of your health and diet. I can then build a general picture of you and your dietary preferences; this will assist me in offering suitable alternatives.
  2. The initial consultation will take approximately 1 hour. After I have taken a full case history, we will discuss possible contributory factors and make suggestions to help alleviate symptoms and bring about an improvement in your health and well-being.
  3. A personalised diet and lifestyle plan will then be fully researched, formulated and emailed to you within 24-48 hours.
  4. Diagnostic/functional tests may also be recommended to help determine any health concerns but these are purely optional and the reason for their recommendation will be fully explained.
  5. Your personalised plan may also include supplement recommendations where my practitioner discount will be offered.
  6. The subsequent 4-6 weeks is your opportunity to put your plan into action. Not all changes are easy and therefore full support is always offered during this period.
  7. A series of follow-up consultations will take place after the initial 4-6 weeks, lasting approximately 30 minutes. This is a great opportunity to note any improvements, solve any problems you may have encountered and discuss how we can best take you to the next level on your journey towards better health.
  8. The initial consultation is £89. Follow up consultations are £59. Or there is an option of buying a package for £187 (this includes 1 x initial consultation and 2 x follow ups) The package option is the most popular and is also the most successful in helping clients attain their desirable results. The package can be spread over 6 months which helps motivate clients to become committed to new lifestyle changes and achieving long term results.

I am also available for one off, 30 minute consultations - please follow the link on the homepage for the 'free consultation'

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